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Polygala myrtifolia ‘Grandiflora’ (Sweet Pea Shrub, Myrtle-leaf Milkwort)

Polygala myrtifolia ‘Grandiflora’ (Sweet Pea Shrub, Myrtle-leaf Milkwort)

If you’re looking to fill a large area of your landscape with an abundance of vibrant color, Polygala myrtifolia ‘Grandiflora’ might just be what you’re looking for. At maturity, this outstanding perennial will grow 4-6 feet tall x 6 feet wide. It can be used as a foundation plant, a medium to tall hedge, a windbreak, or as a focal-point specimen plant.

It blooms pretty much year-round, with its peak bloom period in the spring. The brilliant flower display in spring and summer is truly a sight to behold! The rosy-purple, two-winged flower petals surround a delicate and lacy lilac-white crest. These exquisite crests attract beneficial pollinators as they forage for nectar. Research has shown that the crests function as levers which help pollinators access the flower’s nectar.

Pronounced pol-ee-GAH-luh mir-tih-FOH-lee-uh, this variety of Polygala is quite a bit larger than it’s cousin Polygala fruticosa ‘Petite Butterflies’. Their flowers and foliage are similar, however Grandiflora is significantly larger. We are currently growing both varieties of Polygala in one gallon containers. Both varieties thrive in full sun and are hardy to approximately 20°F.

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