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Calocephalus brownii ‘Bed Head’ (Silver Bush) (Leucophyta brownii)

Are you looking to add contrast and character to your next mixed planting? Calocephalus brownii ‘Bed Head’, (Pronounced Kal-o-sef-a-lus), is one you should consider. The name alone is whimsical, harking images of wild and unruly hair sticking out in all directions. The silver foliage of ‘Bed Head’ is soft and flexible and its multiple branches are reminiscent of not only crazy hair, but of elegant coral at the bottom of the sea. It works well as an accent plant in mixed containers, and creates an eye-catching display when planted as a mono-culture pot or topiary.

‘Bed Head’ is also excellent as the “Filler” component of a “Filler, Thriller, Spiller” mixed container. The shimmery foliage contrast nicely with the deep burgundy, bronze, golds and reds of Autumnal plantings. This versatile plant can also be used as an accent in wreaths and other crafts.

Calocephalus brownii ‘Bed Head’ is native to the Coastal dunes, bluffs and cliffs along the south coast of the Australian mainland. This perennial is extremely tolerant of wind and salt spray. Along the coast it hunkers down and grows into an 18-24” tall x 18-24” wide sub-shrub. In the summer months, tiny light yellow flowers appear, attracting beneficial pollinators.

We are currently growing Calocephalus brownii ‘Bed Head’ in 4.5” pots. Visit our website to see photos of these fun and unusual plants, and follow us on Facebook to see what’s happening around the nursery.

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