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Asteriscus maritimus ‘Gold Coin’   (Pallenis maritima, Odontospermum maritimum)

Asteriscus maritimus ‘Gold Coin’ (Pallenis maritima, Odontospermum maritimum)

Native to the coastal bluffs of the Canary Islands, Southern Portugal and as far east as Greece, Asteriscus maritimus ‘Gold Coin’ is a perennial that can handle some of the toughest growing conditions around. Poor soil, wind and salt spray are no problem for ‘Gold Coin’. Limited rainfall and hot summer conditions will have little impact on its ability to survive in the landscape. It may go into a stage of dormancy in late summer, reserving its resources until the fall and winter rains come, at which time it will perk back up again and be covered with bright golden-yellow flowers.

‘Gold Coin’ is an herbaceous sub-shrub, growing 1 foot tall and spreading to 4 feet wide. It has fairly small spoon-shaped, greenish-gray leaves and is covered with 1-2 inch golden-yellow daisy flowers. It blooms almost year round and requires little upkeep other than occasional dead-heading to promote re-bloom. The bright and cheerful flowers make quite a show when mass planted and the bees and butterflies delight in their nectar.

Asteriscus maritimus ‘Gold Coin’ is hardy to 15-20°F and the Sunset Climate Zones are 9, 15-24. We are growing these fantastic plants in both 4.5” pots and 1 gallon containers.

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