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Salvia nemorosa ‘Lyrical™ Blues’

Salvia nemorosa ‘Lyrical™ Blues’

Every so often you come across a plant in the landscape that catches your attention and keeps drawing you back. Salvia nemorosa ‘Lyrical™ Blues’ is one such plant that will have you going for a second look. The brilliant violet-blue flower spikes make a dramatic statement when mass planted in the landscape and are equally impressive when planted in a mixed container.

Also known as Meadow Sage, ‘Lyrical™ Blues’ has sage-green, lance-shaped leaves and sturdy, well-branched flower spikes that attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. This is a great addition to a pollinator-friendly garden. Although the beneficial pollinators are all over these beauties, rabbits and deer tend to stay away. This variety of Salvia nemorosa has a very long bloom cycle, from early spring through late autumn. Pruning back the spent flowers will promote continued blooms. The tall flower spikes will are absolutely lovely as a cut flower.

‘Lyrical™Blues’ is moderately drought tolerant once established. Plant in full sun, in well-drained soil. Fertilize once a month with an all-purpose fertilizer. At maturity, it grows 22-24” tall and wide. The Sunset Climate Zones are 2-10 & 14-24. We are currently selling Salvia nemorosa ‘Lyrical™ Blues’ in one gallon containers.

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