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Mimulus ‘Jelly Bean’™ (Sticky Monkey Flower)

Mimulus ‘Jelly Bean’™ (Sticky Monkey Flower)

If you’ve ever hiked in the hills of California, Baja California or Oregon, you have undoubtedly come across Mimulus aurantiacus, with its orange flowers adding bright pops of color to the hillsides.

The Mimulus ‘Jelly Bean’™ series is a cultivar, with aurantiacus parentage. The ‘Jelly Bean’™ series comes in a wide range of jewel-tones, and we are currently growing four of those colors: Dark Pink, Fiesta Marigold, Orange and Gold. They have an open, branching growth habit, and at maturity reach 14-18” tall and wide. It has a long bloom season; spring through fall, and benefits from a late winter pruning.

This plant is a perfect addition to a pollinator-friendly landscape. Hummingbirds and adult Butterflies sip the nectar of the flowers, and the dark green, glossy foliage is larval food for the Painted Lady and Checkerspot Butterflies. Mimulus is considered a fire-resistant plant and is a great choice for fire-safe landscapes. It is drought tolerant and will survive with little to no summer water, however it will thrive if given occasional deep summer watering.

Plant in full sun along the coast and light shade inland. The Sunset Climate Zones are 7-9, 14-24. We are currently growing the Mimulus ‘Jelly Bean’™ series in one gallon containers.

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