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Strawberry ‘Sequoia’ Fragaria ananassa

Strawberry ‘Sequoia’ Fragaria ananassa

Spring is here and that means it’s Strawberry season! We are growing some of the tastiest Strawberries around and ‘Sequoia’ is at the top of the list. This #1 selling Strawberry is officially considered June bearing/Spring bearing, however in mild climates it performs more like an Ever bearing Strawberry, producing fruit from late spring through autumn. ‘Sequoia’ was developed for Coastal California but is widely adaptable, even in cold winter areas. It is resistant to most leaf diseases that may affect other varieties.

Generally speaking, June bearing/Spring bearing means that the plants produce a large harvest in late spring or early summer. The abundant harvest is delightful as you can eat these delicious berries fresh, freeze them, make jams and preserves, and bake to your heart’s desire. Be sure to pick the berries as soon as they ripen or they will rot quickly (even on the vine). After picking, store in a cool place and eat within a couple of days.

Who can resist the enticing scent of Strawberries warmed by the sun? These beauties are perfect dangling from hanging baskets, Strawberry jars, and planted in rows in the garden. The crisp white flowers add a bright contrast against the deep green foliage and the bright red berries. They require full sun and very well-drained soil. Plant the crown of the plant above the soil level, with the top most roots ¼” beneath the soil. Add mulch to conserve water and to keep the soil evenly moist. The Sunset Climate Zones are A1-A3, 1-9, 14-24, H1, H2. We are growing Strawberry ‘Sequoia’ in 6 pack and 4” flats. The other varieties of Strawberries we are currently growing - which are each sweet, juicy and delicious, are ‘Chandler’ (June bearing/Spring bearing), ‘Albion’ (Ever bearing), ‘Temptation’ (Ever bearing), and coming soon ‘Eversweet’ (Ever bearing) and ‘Quinault’ (Ever bearing). Visit our website to see photos of these beautiful plants.

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