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Sempervivum tectorum var. ‘Jade Rose’

Sempervivum tectorum var. ‘Jade Rose’

Sempervivum, (pronounced sem-per-VIV-um) is a Genus of approximately 40 species of flowering plants in the crassulaceae family and is commonly known as “Hens and Chicks” or “Live Forever”. Sempervivum literally means “always alive”. Semper means “always”, and vivus means “living”. Another common name for Sempervivum is “Houseleek” and the name stems from the early European tradition of growing plants on the roofs of houses to ward off fire and lightning strikes. Welsh folklore says that growing sempervivums on the roof of your house will ensure health and prosperity to all who reside in the home.

Sempervivum tectorum var. ‘Jade Rose’ has jade green leaves with a deep rose-burgundy tips. They are covered with fine white hairs that create a wooly, frosted look. They grow in tight clusters with multiple off-sets or “chicks” that are easily removed and re-planted in other areas of your garden. They are a fantastic choice for rock gardens and containers.

Semperviviums are special plants and they have an incredible ability to thrive in very difficult growing conditions. They are both cold hardy (Sunset climate Zones 2-24), and very drought tolerant. They store water in their thick leaves which allows them to go without irrigation for extended periods of time. One of the few things that can kill Semperviviums is too much water. They must be planted in well-drained soil. Allowing them to sit in standing water will cause the roots to rot. It is best to plant in full sun along the coast, however in areas with extreme summer heat, provide light shade during the hottest part of the day.

We are growing a variety of Sempervivums tectorum var. ‘Jade Rose’ in 4.5” pots. Give us a call, “Like” us on Facebook or check out our website at to see photos of these beautiful plants.

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