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Oscularia caulescens

Oscularia caulescens

This lovely, low growing succulent gives a bright blanket of pink, sweet smelling flowers spring through summer with very little care once established. It has 3 dimensional triangular blue green leaves with a pink blush to them. It will trail over walls, or container sides, making it a versatile plant depending on your yards needs and your own preference. It compliments other succulents of similar or contrasting color, and works well in a rock or succulent garden as well.

Native to South Africa, Oscularia caulescens prefers well-drained sandy or rocky soil, and is very drought tolerant once established. Commonly called ice plant, Oscularia caulescens tolerates full to mostly sunny areas, and will grow as a groundcover up to 1 foot high. One small plant can spread to 3 feet wide, making it an ideal plant for slopes. Space plants two feet apart in the landscape to allow for spreading. Water in the plant after planting, and then allow soil to dry out completely before watering again. Once established it has very low watering needs and will actually bloom more profusely with less watering. Fertilize lightly in the fall and again after bloom, and you’ll enjoy more of the bright pink pinwheel flowers. When its flowering cycle is completed, trim off the resulting fruit capsules, encouraging another bloom cycle. It is cold hardy to 15°-20° F. It can easily be propagated by stem division and is deer resistant.

Oscularia caulescens is a part of the Aizoaceae family, or Fig/Marigold family, along with many other ice plants. Oscularia is Latin for ‘little mouth’, as some Oscularia species leaves look like an open mouth. Caulos is Latin for ‘stem’ as this plant has a well developed above ground stem. It has also been called Lampranthus deltoides but recent research has placed it in the Oscularia genus. In South Africa it is called Dassievygie, the word ‘vygie’, meaning fig, and referring to the inedible fig like fruit it bears. We are currently selling Oscularia caulescens in 4.5” rounds. Give us a call, ‘Like’ us on Facebook, or check out our website at to learn more about these and many other plants we are growing here at Clearwater Color Nursery!

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