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Polygonum capitatum ‘Pink Pin Heads’

Polygonum capitatum ‘Pink Pin Heads

Synonymous name: Persicaria capitata.

Common names: “Pink’Knotweed”, “Pink Pin Heads”, “Pink Head Smartweed”.

This easy to grow perennial groundcover will provide a lovely burgundy and pink display to the garden. It is low growing and spreading, and is ideal to fill in neglected areas of a landscape (that unused side yard perhaps?). Because Polygonum capitatum is not picky about being grown in either sun or shade it is the perfect plant when you want a smooth transition from a sunny area to a shady one. It is also a good choice for containers, hanging baskets, or window boxes, where the attractive foliage can spill over the sides. It provides a nice clean look when planted as a front edging of a flower bed and looks really beautiful when grown between stepping stones.

The oval 1 1/2” variegated leaves are bronzed and dark green when new, changing to a burgundy-pink tone when more mature. Sweet little pink, clover-like blossoms cover the foliage and are a magnet to beneficial pollinators. It takes moderate watering, but will become fairly drought tolerant once established. This tough groundcover grows 3 – 6” tall and will spread indefinitely if allowed (it is however easy to contain with simple pruning). The Sunset Climate Zones for Polygonum capitatum ‘Pink Pin Heads’ is 8, 9, 12-24. It is hardy to about 28°F. It will freeze back in colder winter climates but will come back strong in spring. We are currently growing Polygonum capitatum ‘Pink Pin Heads’ in 6 pack flats. You can learn more about these and other plants we are growing at ‘Like’ us on Facebook to keep up to date on what’s happening at the nursery, or give us a call to find out extra information about our lovely upcoming fall crop!

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