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Nepeta faassenii ‘Junior Walker’

Nepeta faassenii ‘Junior Walker’

This Nepeta is a sterile form of its mother plant Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’. ‘Junior Walker’ is much more compact in height than ‘Walker’s Low’, growing to 15 inches tall and 4 feet wide. It produces an abundance of lavender-purple flower sprays that are densely clustered over blue-green foliage. This beautiful plant is highly aromatic and is an excellent choice to plant along a garden path where is can be brushed up against to release its wonderful fragrance.

‘Junior Walker’ has a long blooming season, from mid-May through September. It is best to cut back the spent blooms to ensure this plant will continue to put out a continuous display of its lovely blossoms. Plant in full sun to part shade in well-drained soil. As with most Nepeta varieties, ‘Junior Walker’ attracts Butterflies, Bees and our feline friends, however it is both Deer and Rabbit resistant. Because it is drought tolerant (once established), this is a good choice for any water-wise garden.

If you’re looking for inspiration of what companion plants go well with Nepeta faassenii ‘Junior Walker’, you might consider the following: For a bold contrast using warm colors, Coreopsis ‘Early Sunrise’, Dahlberg Daisy ‘Golden Fleece’, or Bidens ‘Hawaiian Flare Tiny Bronze’ are good choices. To complement the lavender-purple flowers using cooler colors, you can plant Lobelia ‘Cambridge Blue’, Lobelia ‘Riviera Blue Splash’, Alyssum ‘Snow Crystals’ or Veronica peduncularis ‘Georgia Blue’ to create a low-growing border in front of ‘Junior Walker’

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