Eremophila densiflora

Eremophila densiflora This Australian native evergreen shrub, with its burgundy-purple foliage, hardy nature, and lovely little purple flowers brings a deep richness of color to the autumn landscape. A part of the Scrophulariacea, or figwort family, this is a very old and durable plant. It is low growing and will work well as a groundcover in large areas, growing 1-2” high and up to a yard wide. Some species of Eremophila are called ‘Emu Bush’, named after the large Emu bird that is endemic to Australia. Eremophila densiflora blooms almost year round, with flushes of bloom in both spring and fall. It is native to the south west of Western Australia and is tolerant of wind, heat, light fr

Achillea millefolium ‘Sonoma Coast’ (White Yarrow)

Achillea millefolium ‘Sonoma Coast’ (White Yarrow) If you’ve ever walked along any of the Central or Northern California coastal dunes trails, you may have come across a lovely plant called Achillea millefolium ‘Sonoma Coast’. This Achillea is native to the Sonoma Coast of California and is wonderfully adapted to coastal conditions such as cold winds and salt spray, however it also thrives inland if planted in full morning to mid-day sun and afternoon shade. This easy to grow perennial has a compact growth habit of 12” tall and 24” wide. The deep green foliage has a fern-like appearance which is quite different than most Achillea millefoliums that have more lacy foliage. The creamy-white umb

Pelargonium sidoides

Pelargonium sidoides Commonly called “Geranium” due to their inclusion within the Geraniaceae family, Pelargonium are botanically not actually a Geranium, but are woody perennials native to South Africa, making them extremely drought and heat tolerant, yet less tolerant to frost and cold temperatures. True Geraniums are smaller mounding plants that are hardier due to their being native to the Northern Hemisphere. Some distinguishing characteristics are that true Geraniums have symmetrical flowers with uniform petals and a beak-like seed pod that catapults seed dispersion, resulting in the common name “Cranesbill”. Pelargonium have asymmetrical flowers in clusters, and thicker succulent-lik

Statice perezii (Limonium perezii) ‘Sea Lavender’

Statice perezii (Limonium perezii) ‘Sea Lavender’ This tough, drought tolerant and coast loving perennial is not only beautiful to look at, but accomplishes that with little effort on your part. Native to the Canary Islands in the Pacific off the coast of Spain, it tolerates salt air and is also hardy to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Its Limonium name comes from the Greek ‘leimon’, meaning meadow, as this plant loves to grow in fields, marshes, other open spaces and will give a glorious supply of bright purple color in these low maintenance settings. Ideal for Sunset Climate Zones 13, 15-17, and 20-24, once you recognize this plant you will appreciate its beautification of many areas on the Centr

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