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Gaillardia x grandiflora ‘Arizona Red Shades’, ‘Arizona Apricot’, and ‘Arizona Sun’

Gaillardia x grandiflora ‘Arizona Red Shades’, ‘Arizona Apricot’, and ‘Arizona Sun’

Commonly known as “Blanket Flower”, the Gaillardia ‘Arizona’ series adds vibrant pops of color to the garden from spring through fall. These long-blooming perennials are varying shades of fiery red, apricot, orange, golden-yellow and lemon-yellow. The attractive flowers provide a plentiful supply of nectar for Bees and Butterflies. They require a bit of dead heading for prolonged blooms, however if allowed to go to seed, the seed heads provide food for wildlife over the winter.

The Gaillardia ‘Arizona’ series grows in tidy mounds, 12 inches tall and wide. It thrives in hot sun and prefers soil that is well-drained and low in fertility. Provide moderate irrigation, however it’s fairly drought tolerant once established. If planting in coastal regions, be sure to space your plants far enough apart to provide good air flow, thus reducing the risk of mildew forming on the foliage. Gaillardia is ideal in wildflower meadows, rock gardens, cottage gardens, mass planted and in containers.

In 2005 Gaillardia ‘Arizona Sun’ was awarded All America Selection Winner (AAS) for its outstanding hardiness, drought tolerance and continuous blooms. The Sunset Climate Zones are 1-24, H1, H2. We are currently growing the Gaillardia ‘Arizona’ series in one gallon containers. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @clearwatercolornursery.


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