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Coprosma repens 'Plum Hussey'

This week we focus on a beautiful evergreen perennial shrub that is native to New Zealand. Uniquely glossy foliage of various colors and variegation patterns has earned Coprosma repens the common name of ‘Mirror Plant’. Here at Clearwater Color Nursery we are growing a series known as ‘Plum Hussey’. These plants display eye catching foliage of both bright green and burgundy colors. Younger growth leaves are brighter green while older leaves are primarily burgundy with hints of green. Oblong leaves are approximately 3 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

The growth habit of this shrub is noticeably affected by region; C. repens found along the coast will achieve a lower, more compact form relative to those growing inland which reach dimensions of 10 feet in height by 6 feet in width. This size and foliage density make the plant well suited to serve as hedges, informal espaliers, and as house plants. Pruning the plant twice annually will help maintain foliage density and desired height.

The New Sunset Western Garden Book notes Climate Zones 14-24 and H1 as suitable regions for growing C. repens. They will perform best in full sun to partial shade and little to regular water. Our C. repens ‘Plum Hussey’ are currently growing in gallon size pots. Please call with any questions and stay up to date with happenings around the nursery by following us on Instagram and/or our website at



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