Pansy ‘Cool Wave®’ Spreading (Viola x wittrockiana)

August 31, 2019

Pansy ‘Cool Wave®’ Spreading

(Viola x wittrockiana)


Just in time for the changing of the seasons, Pansy ‘Cool Wave®’ spreading is hitting the retail shelves. This unique perennial Pansy comes in a variety of colors, has a vigorous growth habit, and demonstrates excellent over-wintering capabilities.


Growing trials around the world have shown that the Pansy ‘Cool Wave®’ series has outstanding garden performance.  It grows 6-8 inches tall and spreads to over two feet wide. The number of blooms on each plant far exceeds that of traditional Pansies, making it an excellent choice for mass-planting in garden beds.



‘Cool Wave®’ is the first non-Petunia to have earned the trusted ‘Wave®’ brand name. Its generous spreading habit lends itself to being planted in hanging baskets, containers and window boxes.


The charming flowers billow over the sides of the pot, creating a whimsical display for a patio, front porch or balcony. Plant in an area that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight and fertilize every other week for optimal growth and vigor.


We are currently growing several colors of the Pansy

‘Cool Wave®’ series in 4.5” pots. These are in limited supply, so get them while they last and you’ll be rewarded with outstanding color all season long. Follow us on Instagram @clearwatercolornursery to see what we’re up to around the nursery.




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