Verbena ‘Tapien® Blue Violet’

Verbena ‘Tapien® Blue Violet’ (Garden Verbena, Trailing Vervain, Trailing Verbena) One of the tried and true perennials that landscape professionals turn to on a regular basis is Verbena ‘Tapien® Blue Violet’. This outstanding Verbena has a very prostrate growth habit and creates a deep green carpet covered with masses of violet-blue flowers. This is one showy groundcover and is perfect for filling in bare spots in the garden. It only grows 3-5 inches tall, but the multi-branched, finely cut foliage spreads up to 36 inches wide. It blooms from spring through first frost and attracts beneficial pollinators, including Hummingbirds, Bees & Butterflies. ‘Tapien® Blue Violet’ is a good choice as

Snapdragon: Antirrhinum majus

Snapdragon: Antirrhinum majus Snapdragons are among the most sought after flowering plants in the fall. They provide dense, bushy floral displays, seeming to represent the American dream of a peaceful and happy home. Their deep green leaves provide the strength to support these dense flowers arrayed on spikes above. The flowers have five lobes, and by pinching their sides, you can make the jaws ‘snap’ open. Here at Clearwater Color Nursery, we grow dwarf, intermediate, and large (or cut flower) Snapdragons: Great bedding flowers, the dwarf Snapdragons we are growing are the ‘Montego’, ‘Snapshot’, and ‘Floral Showers’ series. These little gems come into bloom earlier than their larger co

Calocephalus brownii ‘Bed Head’ (Silver Bush) (Leucophyta brownii)

Are you looking to add contrast and character to your next mixed planting? Calocephalus brownii ‘Bed Head’, (Pronounced Kal-o-sef-a-lus), is one you should consider. The name alone is whimsical, harking images of wild and unruly hair sticking out in all directions. The silver foliage of ‘Bed Head’ is soft and flexible and its multiple branches are reminiscent of not only crazy hair, but of elegant coral at the bottom of the sea. It works well as an accent plant in mixed containers, and creates an eye-catching display when planted as a mono-culture pot or topiary. ‘Bed Head’ is also excellent as the “Fi

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