Polygala fruticosa ‘Petite Butterflies’ (Sweet Pea Shrub)

Polygala fruticosa ‘Petite Butterflies’ (Sweet Pea Shrub) This tidy evergreen shrub is a tried and true perennial that is beloved by avid gardeners far and wide. It has vibrant purple-magenta, pea-like flowers that have a soft-pink central crest. In mild winter areas this beautiful bush blooms almost year-round. It attracts bees, butterflies and birds, making it an excellent choice to include in a Wildlife Garden. Wildlife Gardens are designed to include, among other things, trees, shrubs, grasses, and groundcovers that provide the four basic habitat elements for wildlife to thrive: Food, water, shelter and places to raise their young. Polygala fruticosa ‘Petite Butterflies’ has a compact, m

Teucrium aroanium (Gray creeping Germander)

Teucrium aroanium (Gray creeping Germander) This drought tolerant, evergreen groundcover is excellent for hot sunny areas of the garden. The narrow gray-green foliage is stoloniferous, meaning that it spreads by trailing stems that root as they grow. The fragrant, honeysuckle scented rosy-violet flowers grow in clusters at the tips of the branches. Bees and other beneficial pollinators are attracted to the flowers, so this is a good choice for a Bee-friendly garden. Teucrium aroanium grows 2-3 inches tall and 18-24 inches wide. It is both deer and rabbit resistant and is hardy to 0°F. It blooms from spring through fall and, although very drought tolerant, will benefit from bi-monthly irrigat

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides (Leadwort)

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides (Leadwort) This low-growing perennial is one of the prettiest groundcovers around! It grows 9-12 inches tall, and approximately 18 inches wide, and is covered with brilliant blue flowers from mid-summer through fall. The foliage is bright green in the spring and summer and gradually turns to a vibrate burgundy red in autumn. Cerastostigma plumbaginoides is a great choice for several different areas of the garden. It will do well as an under-planting for larger shrubs, and will add a bold pop of color to any rock garden. If planted in containers or along a wall, it will spill over the edge, creating a soft billowy look. As we get closer to fall, and you start think

Helichrysum stoechas ‘Silver Ball’

Helichrysum stoechas ‘Silver Ball’ New to the American horticulture market, but well-known and beloved throughout Western Europe, Helichrysum stoechas ‘Silver Ball’ is truly unique. The long narrow, bright silver leaves practically shimmer in the sunlight. These are fantastic plants to use in landscape design, as they provide a neutral color that can be used with virtually any other colored plant. It looks great in mixed containers, perennial flower beds and window boxes. ‘Silver Ball’ grows 10-12” tall by 12-15” wide and does best if planted in full sun and well-drained soil. It is deer tolerant and very cold hardy…it can handle temps as low as 14°F! Don’t miss out on picking up a few of th

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