Ornamental Oregano ‘Kirigami’

Ornamental Oregano ‘Kirigami’ New to the Horticultural industry, Ornamental Oregano ‘Kirigami’ is the first Ornamental Oregano to be grown from seed. This non-culinary Oregano is simply charming as it billows over the edges of pots and window boxes, however hanging baskets are where this plant really shines. It has a mounding-trailing growth habit, light green and deep purple foliage, and burgundy-rose flowers. Cool nights and full sun help to bring out the deep, rich colors in the foliage. If planted in shady conditions the foliage will remain mostly green, with the flowers being a soft shade of pink. The bracts and blooms have a drooping, hop-like look to them and are best viewed from belo

Hypoestes phyllostachya ‘Splash Select’ (Polka Dot Plant)

Hypoestes phyllostachya ‘Splash Select’ (Polka Dot Plant) Bred for its colorful foliage, Hypoestes phyllostachya ‘Splash Select’ adds fun pops of color to shady areas of the garden. (What’s not fun about a plant called Polka Dot Plant?) The intricate details of each leaf are something to behold, each one different from the next, speckled with spots and dots. This tender perennial is very easy to grow and only requires occasional pinching back to maintain its shape. The ‘Splash Select’ series comes in three colors; White, Red, and Pink, and we have them all! These little beauties are not only perfect when mass planted in full to partial shade beds, mixed containers and hanging baskets, they a

Begonia x hybrida ‘BabyWing® Pink’

Begonia x hybrida ‘BabyWing® Pink’ Every now and then you come across a plant that makes you stop and take notice. Begonia x hybrida ‘BabyWing®Pink’ is one such plant. This delightful Begonia has glossy green leaves, with stems that are covered with clusters of rose-colored buds that open to light pink flowers. It looks similar to its bigger cousins in the ‘Dragon Wing’ series, but with smaller leaves, smaller flowers, and a more upright growth habit. ‘BabyWing®Pink’ may look delicate, but don’t be fooled, this plant is extremely heat and stress tolerant! Plant in part to full shade along the coast, and full shade inland. ‘BabyWing®Pink’ is easy to grow and provides excellent performance in

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