Calylophus drummondianus

Calylophus drummundianus Belonging to the Evening Primrose family Onagraceae, this “Southern Belle Sundrop”, native to Texas, appears to have the delicacy of a Southern Belle, while being extremely root hardy and drought tolerant. This evergreen, low growing sub-shrub will brighten your garden like a splash of southern sunshine. It thrives in full sun, to part shade and prefers well drained soil. Calylophus grows woody at the base, with herbaceous stems that grow 18 inches tall, and 24 inches wide. The papery, bright yellow flowers bloom almost year-round and are an excellent choice for adding bright pops of color to empty spaces in your landscape. At home in the prairie grasslands of Texas

Coprosma repens

Coprosma repens- Family Rubiaceae Looking for some fall color in your garden? We’ve just passed the fall equinox, and are excited about the upcoming season here at Clearwater Color Nursery. Coprosma, a New Zealand native, also called mirror plant, is a handsome, shiny flowering evergreen shrub that makes a good border, hedge, container plant, and can even be grown inside for an impressive splash of color. We grow 3 species, with a variation of colors. Coprosma is known for its ease of maintenance, and will be a nice, full, bushy plant if pruned just twice a year. Some varieties can grow up to 6ft tall, and 10 feet wide, but tends to be smaller on the coast. Its flowers grow in compound clu

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