Lamium maculatum ‘Aureum’ (Spotted Dead Nettle)

Lamium maculatum ‘Aureum’ (Spotted Dead Nettle) This showy groundcover grows 6-8 inches tall and spreads 12-24 inches wide, and has small heart-shaped leaves that are a bright chartreuse color. It starts blooming lovely rosy-purple flowers in spring and continues through fall. It is an excellent choice to brighten up a shady area of your garden and works well as an understory plant for larger shade loving perennials. It is also attractive in mixed containers, with its branches spilling over the edge of the pots. This hardy perennial is both deer resistant and rabbit resistant but it attracts butterflies and other beneficial pollinators. It does best if planted in shade or filtered sunlight i

Ledebouria socialis (Silver Squill)

Ledebouria socialis (Silver Squill) If you are looking for something a little different to add to your succulent collection, you’ve got to check this out! Ledebouria socialis is an evergreen bulbous perennial that grows 6-10 inches tall with tear drop shaped bulbs that, for the most part grow above ground. It has fleshy lance-shaped leaves that grow 4-6 inches long and are a grayish-purple color with green spots. The underside of the leaves are purple. It sends up delicate pinkish-white flowers that bloom in the spring and summer. This charming little plant grows with minimal care and is a good choice for a dry, shady area of your landscape. It grows best in filtered sun light or shade, and

Lavender stoechas ‘Bandera Purple’

Lavender stoechas ‘Bandera Purple’ Lavender stoechas ‘Bandera Purple’ is an attractive Spanish Lavender that has a mounded growth habit with branches growing 7-10 inches tall and 10-12 inches wide. This compact Lavender has good branching and uniformity, and is an excellent choice for containers or mixed perennial beds. ‘Bandera Purple’ requires full sun and average moisture. (Overly wet or overly dry soil will have an adverse effect on flower production.) It is hardy to approximately 39°F. When the temperature falls below this, frost protection should be provided. The flowers are dark purple with medium purple flags (bracts), and are sweetly scented with that distinct lavender fragrance we

Origanum vulgare hirtum ‘Greek Oregano’ & Origanum majoricum ‘Italian Oregano’

Origanum vulgare hirtum ‘Greek Oregano’ & Origanum majoricum ‘Italian Oregano’ Greek Oregano is considered by many to be the “true” oregano and is a major ingredient in Greek, Italian, Spanish and many other Mediterranean cuisines. It grows anywhere from 6-18 inches tall, has small white flowers, and has fuzzy oval shaped, dark green leaves. For culinary purposes, the aromatic leaves are best harvested just before the plants are ready to bloom. Allowing the plants to come into bloom reduces the vegetative growth and also reduces the flavor of the leaves. When harvesting, cut the stems, leaving 4-6 pairs of leaves on the plant so that it can continue to grow and become bushier by producing si

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