Banana Ensete maurelii (Red Banana)

Banana Ensete maurelii (Red Banana) This gorgeous plant is a true statement piece in any tropical or semi-tropical garden. It is a tender herbaceous perennial consisting of an underground corm, a trunk (pseudostem), and leaves that grow from the base of the trunk in concentric layers. The broad, long and graceful leaves grow in an arching habit and are dark green with deep red on the tips and the underside. This plant is fast growing and can grow anywhere from 36 – 96 inches tall. Banana Ensete maurelii will thrive if planted in full to part sun and is an outstanding choice for large containers on patios, in courtyards or poolside. It is best to avoid placing this plant in very windy areas a

Viola Cornuta

Viola cornuta (Horned Violet, Viola) These charming annual plants have a mounded growth habit; growing 6-8” tall x 6-8” wide. They are covered with an abundance of blooms in autumn, winter, early spring, and spring, and they may even continue to bloom through summer along the coast if provided with afternoon shade. They have a cold hardiness of 0°F and will benefit from being planted in well-mulched soil in cold winter regions. Generally speaking, it is better to plant small but established plants in the fall. The main advantage to planting violas (and pansies) in the fall is that the will have a chance to get established and will continue to bloom through late winter and early spring. These

Armeria maritima ‘Splendens’

Armeria maritima ‘Splendens’ This tried and true perennial is commonly known as “Thrift”, “Sea Thrift”, “Common Thrift” and/or “Sea Pink”. It is very easy to grow and requires little water or maintenance once it is established. Its compact form makes it well suited for a number of growing environments such as rock gardens, window boxes and under-plantings. It also makes a neat, decorative edge along a garden path or entryway. The dark rose flower clusters stand on stems that grow 6-8 inches tall, and the deep green blade-like foliage grows in a tight mound 6-12 inches wide. The blooms on ‘Splendens’ provide a good source of nectar for butterflies and moths. The species name, maritima , me

Duranta erecta ‘Cuban Gold’

Duranta erecta ‘Cuban Gold’ If you’re looking for a plant to light up your landscape, look no further than Duranta erecta ‘Cuban Gold’. The lime, chartreuse and gold colors in this beauty brightens up a garden like few others and contrasts well against the deep green foliage of most perennials. ‘Cuban Gold’ is a low maintenance perennial that is excellent in hanging baskets, in containers and along the border of a perennial bed. Tuck this plant in as a filler along with Ceratostigma plumbaginoides for a bold pop of color. It grows about 24 inches tall and 36 inches wide and can be planted in sun, part sun or shade. It occasionally will send out a spray of small blue flowers followed by non-e

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