Lessingia filaginifolia ‘Silver Carpet’ (Silver Carpet Beach Aster)

Lessingia filaginifolia ‘Silver Carpet’ (Silver Carpet Beach Aster) This California Native groundcover is adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions. It is an excellent choice for median strips, rock gardens or slopes. Because it has low to average water needs, it does very well planted under pines and oaks. It has a beautiful trailing habit and grows 4-8 inches tall and 4-8 feet wide, creating a lush silvery carpet with an abundance of 1” lavender-pink daisy like flowers. ‘Silver Carpet’s’ natural habitat is coastal sage scrub, chaparral, oak woodlands and grasslands. It is drought tolerant along the immediate coast and will do best with occasional summer water inland. Originating from

Cerotostigma plumbaginoides (Leadwort)

Cerotostigma plumbaginoides (Leadwort) This low-growing perennial is one of the prettiest groundcovers around! It grows 9-12 inches tall, and approximately 18 inches wide, and is covered with brilliant blue flowers from mid-summer through fall. The foliage is bright green in the spring and summer and gradually turns to a vibrate burgundy red in autumn. Cerostostigma plumbaginoides is a great choice for several different areas of the garden. It will do well as an under-planting for larger shrubs, and will add a bold pop of color to any rock garden. If planted in containers or along a wall, it will spill over the edge, creating a soft billowy look. As we get closer to fall, and you start think

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